Saturday, February 20, 2010


All Saints

All Saints

As worn by Chloë Sevigny

Just look at them!

I have been lusting after a pair of military style boots for a while now. Only a couple of weeks ago however, whilst chatting to a beloved friend of mine from Australia, did I decide exactly what boot it would be. We were talking about boots in general (it must have had to do with the cold!), when my friend dropped Doc Martens into the conversation- and I realised that they were exactly what I was looking for...I just hadn't thought of them. She went on to mention All Saints (which I admit, I had never heard of) and them too I find not too shabby. I love how they are the perfect combination of hardcore rocker type boots and pirates boots with buckles et al. Well now I am left with one dilemma only: to find either of them in South Africa, which I am sure will prove to be an impossibility. I am therefore considering to order them from overseas, no jokes. And by the way, how well does Chloë Sevigny wear those boots?! She's fantastic! Enjoy.

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